Sweaty Boobs

Do you have sweaty boobs? Many big-busted women have to deal with sweating under and in between the boobs, especially during the warm-weather season. It can be uncomfortable, annoying, and if extreme, can even cause more serious problems. If the moisture under and in between the breasts is extreme, it can cause chaffing, raw skin, rashes, unpleasant odors, and yeast infections.

I know many women are trying to find the solution to controlling the boob sweat. So, here’s some tips that have helped women minimize and cope with sweaty boobs. Hopefully these tips might help you!

Please note, these are only suggestions from various women who have had to deal with sweaty boobs. These tips should not be considered as medical advice.

Tips on Controlling Sweaty Boobs:
1. Placing powder under and in between the breasts after each shower or bath can help with keeping the sweat down. Powdering more than once a day under and in between the breasts might help if once a day isn’t good enough.
2. Placing small cloths (or even paper towels) under and between the breasts, and changing them when they get moist will help in absorbing the sweat.
3. Using a push-up bra or any bra that helps lift your breasts up should help in minimizing the sweat.
4. Making sure to wash well under and in between the breasts will help unpleasant odor from developing as well as sweat.
5. Some women says it helps to place deodorant underneath and in between the breasts.
6. If your boob sweat is extreme and is causing serious problems, consult a doctor.
7. An inventor got a patent on a bra that had built-in absorbent pads that place beneath the breasts when the bra is worn. Not sure if this invention was ever manufactured though.
8. And of course, a breast reduction is always an option!


Beth said...

powder anywhere is not the business...corn starch will do you much better...if you use a powder make sure its talc free that contains corn starch....but you can just get you a box of corn starch and use that and it will help absorb any sweat in the breast area...for women DD and lower QVC has a bra called breezies these bras are amazing...I hope I can get back to a DD cause I really like the feel and support of these bras and they have something in them called UltimAir(R) lining which transports moisture away from the body. To me they are not that expensive either

Jaime said...

Great advice, Beth. I have this problem when I workout. Even though I have smaller breasts there are still sweat glands there. So I get to walk around the gym looking really HOT with boob sweat marks on my top. I've heard that Under Armor has great gear. I haven't tried it yet but if anyone has....would you care to share?

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Anonymous said...

You might want to take a look at Breeze Comfort padded bras and sports bras. The bras are made with patented bra pad technology. The bra pads have perforations throughout to facilitate air circulation to the breast area. This helps release heat and helps prevent sponge effect (sweat collecting in the traditional bra pads).

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